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The Future Is Green

ECB is an Australian manufacturer and a company of firsts. We’re credited as the first Bullbar manufacturer in Australia, and today the first to offer a range of Green Bullbars for the growing small to medium SUV market. Available now are the first Bullbars for Hybrid & PHEV vehicles. One thing’s for sure…the future is green!

SUV’s are more than just Mum’s soccer taxi, they have the ability to travel off road offering longer range and use less fuel. They’re becoming more popular in regional communities and within government fleets. However, like all vehicles, they’re not immune to animal strikes and are more vulnerable to costly damage with many hybrids concealing expensive technology behind the grille.

In the last 12 months sales of hybrid vehicles have increased by 84.5%* and electric & PHEV vehicle sales are up 90.6%*. This ever-growing market requires a range of frontal protection products with fleets and state and federal governments trying to meet fuel efficiency and alternative fuel targets.

Hybrid vehicles generally have lower carrying capacity which makes ECB the perfect choice. Not only is an alloy ECB Big Tube Bar® half the weight of steel but it offers superior levels of protection. Total weight of the Bullbar is around 40 kg for the Rav4 Hybrid and Outlander PHEV, which is well within vehicle carrying capacity.

ECB was environmentally friendly before it was a buzz word. We build a Bullbar that will outlive the life of the vehicle it’s protecting. Once the useful life of the parts creating the car are exhausted the alloy Bullbar is more commonly recycled, so there’s less chance of it ending up in landfill. The lower melting point means less energy to convert into future marketable products.

As technological advances in vehicle manufacturing becomes available, you know ECB will be out front protecting your vehicle. The future is green and ECB is leading the industry.

To see Bullbars & Nudge bars to suit the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Please visit the ECB Portal. 

*vFACTS July 2019

You couldn't find better green Bullbars without visiting a paint shop! 

If you would like to know where to purchase ECB Frontal Protection products for your Hybrid please visit our dealer locator

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