Built to Perform - Not to a Price

ECB are proud to claim that their channels are not jigsaw puzzles that are bolted together, or even multiple sections welded together. They are one piece, fully welded, 6 mm hi-tensile alloy. Where any welding is required, it is done to the highest standards by qualified welders, not machines, to make the strongest possible frontal protection products.

Australian Made

Established in 1971, we utilise 50 years of experience designing, engineering and building products in Australia to suit Australian conditions, ensuring the best quality controls are met. ECB help support the local economy by employing over 80 people in our business, and purchasing from local suppliers.

Weight Saving Benefits, Weight is your enemy!

A typical ECB alloy Bullbar weighs half of what a steel Bullbar weighs, and offers the same protection. The reduced weight also contributes to fuel savings, less wear and tear on tyres, suspension and braking components. When towing a caravan or boat reducing unnecessary weight is crucial, the average weight of an ECB Bullbar is 42kgs.

Anti-Corrosive Nature of Alloy

The composition of ECB’s alloy has a very high resistance to corrosion. Rust not only looks unappealing but will greatly reduce the strength of frontal protection. In fact, the composition of ECB’s alloy actually hardens over time ensuring the Bullbar will offer maximum protection over the life of the vehicle.

Welds That Work

All ECB products are 100% hand welded, using only the strongest welding techniques to ensure every product is as structurally sound as possible. ECB frontal protection products are welded using MIG welding to ensure welds are as thick as the materials and all steel mounts are welded using TIG welding to make them stronger.

Lifetime Warranty

Most imported Bullbars will offer a limited 1 or 2 year warranty, but ECB are so confident in every product that we provide a “Lifetime Warranty” on all our Australian manufactured products. This guarantee highlights the confidence in our ability and provides complete peace of mind for your purchase.


The Benefits of ECB's DNA 

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