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Adding extra weight on any vehicle is the enemy! The average steel Bullbar will add approximately 85kgs to the front of your vehicle. An ECB alloy Bullbar will add less than half this weight, yet still offer maximum protection to your vehicle and its occupants. Less weight over the front wheels also means less tyre wear, less fuel costs, and less overall weight to the vehicle.

Made in Australia to suit our harsh conditions, ECB Bullbars are folded from a single sheet of 6mm hi-tensile structural grade alloy. Bullbars are most vulnerable right out on the wings; our mandrel bent tubes are made with an industry leading tube wall thickness and attached to the channel on the wing with strengthening gussets to create a strong structure. The Bullbar is further reinforced with a full width and braced lower protection skirt. Every Bullbar is secured to the vehicle with a specific engineered 8mm thick plate plasma cut steel mount and allows expansion of the crumple zones in the event of a crash. Everything ECB makes is Air Bag Compatible, ADR Compliant, and comes with our lifetime structural warranty. If equipped with spotlight mounting tabs, lights up to 1.75kg can be accommodated. 

ECB products are finished with the same high standards and exacting methods that are employed in our manufacturing and design processes. When you choose the best products available, you can be sure that they will present as well as they perform.

All ECB products are available in our signature mirror polished alloy finish or choose from one of our low maintenance powder coat finishes.

• Silver Hammertone
• Black Ripple
• Textura Black


Product Features:

  • Made in Australia
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • ADR Compliant
  • Airbag Compatible
  • Hi-Tensile Alloy
  • Steel Mounting System
  • Aerial Mounting Tabs
  • Spotlight & Light Bar Mounting Provisions
  • LED Indicator & Park Lights
  • Won't Affect New Vehicle Warranty
  • Better Suited For Purpose Over OEM
  • Premium Range of Finishes

Lighter, Stronger, Better!

ECB Bullbar incorporates either a full bumper replacement or a bumper over design.

ECB's Bullbar is made from a hi-tensile alloy that weighs half the weight of a steel Bullbar, yet offers the same level of protection. Designed to wrap around the front of the vehicle and mounted to the frame with a specific engineered 8mm thick plate steel mount to form an incredibly secure and strong fit.

Directional Air Vents

Keeping your cool has never been a problem!

ECB's R&D engineers calculate proper airflow and add directional air vents to ensure your radiator, transmission cooler, and A/C condenser remain cool.

Multipile Mounting Provisions

With an ECB Bullbar you can add multiple accessories such as driving lights and aerials securely to your vehicle.

ECB is made from a hi-tensile alloy composite that is strong and durable but is easy to drill through. You can decide where you want to mount a variety of lighting options or an aerial to the included welded mounting tab.

ECB Will Not Impede on OEM Functions

Keeping up with technology!

If your vehicle comes standard with any of the new OEM safety features your ECB Bullbar will work with all sensors and sonars. ECB’s frontal protection products will always enhance a vehicles safety features and never detract from it!

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