Australian Made

  • Did you know ECB is the oldest Bulbar manufacturer in Australia?

    Since 1971 ECB has been manufacturing our alloy Bullbars right here in Australia. We’ve been designing & manufacturing products for 48 years, making us industry experts in frontal protection products over 5 decades.

  • Supporting Australian Made

    Located on the Redcliffe Peninsula, north of Brisbane, we employ over 95 people across our 14,000 square metre facility that houses our own Research & Development department. ECB proudly supports and encourages Australian companies through our local supply chain. The majority of materials and accessories are sourced locally, supporting local businesses, local jobs, and the economy.


  • Australian Means Industry Best Lead Times

    ECB stocks over 1,000 frontal protection products at any one time and can manufacture up to 100 bars per day. If we don’t have it, you won’t find it anywhere else in Australia. We have industry best lead times with the average Bullbar supplied within 5 working days from date of order. Being Australian made means we can react faster to new release vehicles and have new frontal protection products ready to fit within 4 weeks of the vehicle release and up to 5 months quicker than our competitors.


  • Australian Design Rules and Air Bag Compatible

    Complying with ADR and industry requirements is our first job! ECB has been working with the automotive industry for over 40 years making “The World’s Best Alloy Bullbar” and protecting our customers and their vehicles is something ECB takes very seriously.

  • What Goes Into Making World's Best Alloy Bullbar?

    The procurement of only the highest quality materials and 100% quality control from a long association with our supply network. We hand weld and hand polishing every product managed by a leadership team with a combined tenure of over 50 years. ECB is Australia’s oldest and most respected frontal protection manufacturer, something we are proud of, and this is reflected in every product we make right here in Redcliffe.

  • We Make More Than Just Bullbars

    We are famous for our polished Big Tube Bar®, but did you know we are also the largest manufacture of Nudge Bars and supply over 1,400 different product models. We have Nudge Bars for all the latest model SUV’s and light commercial vehicles. Whether it’s for your next truck purchase or a sporty SUV, ECB has a product to protect your vehicle and its occupants.

  • Will adding a Bullbar affect my vehicle warranty?

    A car fitted with a fit for purpose part will not void the warranty. Should a problem result in the vehicle as a result of the modification, the problem will be covered under the part manufacturer of fitters warranty. 

    -AAAA publication, The Truth About Vehicle Modifications 

    ECB is a proud member of the AAAA. 

Alloy Vs. Steel

  • Alloy is Lighter, Stronger, Better!

    ECB use a proprietary blend of Alloy plate and tubes, we add magnesium which actually hardens the Alloy over its life time. We have used the same materials from the same suppliers for over 20 years, our DNA is in every product we manufacture. The average Steel Bullbar will add approx. 80kgs to the front axle, the same ECB product will add approx. 43kgs. That is a massive saving to the vehicle GVM and reduce unwanted fuel costs, tyre and suspension wear and tear.


  • ECB Frontal Protection Products are Corrosion Free

    If you love driving on the beach or on unsealed roads, rust is a real concern. Alloy bullbars do not suffer the same fate as a Steel Bullbar. Once a steel bullbar is scratched rust will appear within weeks, which is unsightly and will eventually weaken the structural integrity of the product.

  • Polished or Powder Coated

    For all product mounts, ECB use an 8mm thick plasma cut plate steel that is powder coated for years of worry-free driving. They are designed to allow expansion of the crumple zones in event of a crash. Everything ECB makes is Air Bag compatible, and ADR compliant.

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