ECB SuperUtes Series


ECB is no stranger to Australian motorsports sponsorships and we’ve had a long history as the naming rights sponsor of the SUV category of the Australian Rally Championship, naming rights sponsor of the ECB V8 Utes Series, and in July 2017 this transitioned into the most market relevant category in our industry, the ECB SuperUtes Series. 

The ECB SuperUtes Series sponsorship of this exciting category is aimed at increasing market awareness of ECB Frontal Protection Products and strengthen our position as the World’s Best Alloy Bullbar Company. Dual Cab Utes are repeatedly in the top 10 selling vehicles each month and are popular among all buyers; fleet, government, and private. ECB makes frontal protection products for all vehicle models represented on the grid, and many more.

The Inaugural year was successful considering the short time frame to get vehicles onto the grid. Teams had to work around problems of the first in the world to race four-cylinder, turbo-charged dual cab Utes at the very highest level of competition, that should never be underestimated.

What began with 10 dual cab Utes last year at the 2018 Adelaide 500 has grown into a grid of 16 teams representing seven manufacturers. Last season saw a large amount of time in research and development and this continued through the off-season testing of new vehicles and vehicle components. With the Utes producing well in excess of 300bhp, a variety of manufacturer's engines with a new turbo sponsor, and new Yokohama R-Spec tyres to lower average track times. These are exciting times as the new category grows with the fan base.

Ryal Harris of Peters Motorsports won the inaugural season of the ECB SuperUtes Series. (Coates Hire Newcastle 500 event 16 of the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, Newcastle, New South Wales. Australia. November 25th 2018.)

ECB is continuing our commitment to the dual cab Ute racing segment as the naming rights sponsor of the ECB SuperUtes Series through 2019. As a key partner to Supercars, ECB is also recognised as ‘The Official Bullbar of Supercars’ and as an Australian manufacturer we're proud to be associated with this purely Australian motorsport.  

We look to the future of the ECB SuperUtes Series and can only look to what people are driving on the roads. Utes dominate as one of the most popular vehicle segments in Australia and as more manufacturers get on-board we will see more dual cab Utes and teams join the grid. As always ECB will continue to make The World's Best Alloy Bullbar for your dual cab Ute.




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