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ECB Is Focused On Getting It Right!

The ECB Big Tube Bar® to suit the New Toyota HiLux with the NO CUT grille design.

Available for order from East Coast Bullbars is frontal protection to suit the new Toyota HiLux (SR and SR-5, extra cab and dual cab). Our front-end products include the Big Tube Bar®, Winch Compatible Big Tube Bar®, 76mm Nudge Bar, Series 2 Nudge Bar, and Type-8 Bar.

ECB’s research and development department easily overcame the new face lift model of the Toyota HiLux. Our first to market products are focused on getting it right as opposed to altering a vehicle to make it fit.

"Where other Bullbar manufacturers use an existing product and cut the grille of the vehicle to accommodate the Toyota HiLux’s updated design, these Bullbars do not genuinely fit and are not truly fit for purpose,” ECB Product Designer, Nick West, said. He continued, "We ensure the right fitment, for the right vehicle, and this includes not passing off an old design for a newer vehicle model.”

All ECB products comprise of our proprietary blend of high tensile alloy composite, with industry leading wall thickness, allowing all of our Bullbars to maintain maximum strength whilst adding minimal weight eliminating the need for a costly suspension upgrade. Every Big Tube Bar® and Winch Compatible Big Tube Bar® incorporates the extended safety of our fully reinforced shoulder tubes to create a Bullbar as rugged and refined as the vehicle, yet is designed to be Lighter, Stronger, and Better.


Like all East Coast Bullbars, these products are Air Bag Compliant, will not affect new vehicle warranty, will not impede on safety features of the vehicle, are ADR Compliant, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

The alloy composite of this Australian Made Bullbar allows seamless incorporation of all OEM features and even anticipated safety features not yet offered on the Toyota HiLux.

The new model HiLux was a challenge for R & D. We knew customers, and installers, wouldn’t want to cut through the grille. That would add time in installation and cut through clips that hold it in place. We decided to keep it intact to ensure longevity of the vehicle and create a seamless integration of Bullbar to the vehicle.

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