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East Coast Bullbars & Subaru Forester share 20 years together

Subaru was one of the first car companies in Australia to offer a “5 Star” ANCAP safety rating on every model and is still a pioneer today in occupant safety and new crash avoidance systems.  The automotive landscape is ever changing, with ANCAP starting to play a huge part in customers buying behaviours.  The Subaru brand gained enormous popularity, and in the 1995 the Subaru Forester arrived on our shores and was welcomed by the safety conscious Australian public. 

The Subaru Forester offered a smaller, more city-friendly alternative to the big barges people had to drive if they wanted to venture down a dirt track.  At this time there weren’t a lot of aftermarket accessories available if you wanted to venture off road or outback.  East Coast Bullbars identified this gap and designed and range of Frontal Protection Products including Alloy Nudge Bars and Bullbars to suit the Forester way back in 2002.  


Fast forward to 2022 and customers are now buying more SUV’s than Passenger Cars or Light Commercial Vehicles put together. In fact, in 2021, over 45% of all new vehicles sold in Australia were SUV’s.  East Coast Bullbars has been leading the way in Frontal Protection Products for the SUV segment for over 25 years, partly due to the superior strength and lightweight nature of its premium grade structural Alloy used in every Bullbar.  Combine this special material with ECB’s extensive design capabilities, each customer enjoys the benefits of front protection that is strong and lightweight which can be polished, or power coated.


The simple facts are Australians love getting off-road and exploring this wonderful country. So, when you are looking for additional protection to suit your Subaru Forester look no further than East Coast Bullbars, Australia’s oldest and most respected Alloy Bullbar manufacturer.  The company was founded in Clontarf, Queensland in December 1971, and has been designing Nudge Bars and Bullbars to suit the Subaru Forester for over 20 years. When protection matters and you want the very best in frontal protection for your vehicle and its occupants, demand an East Coast Bullbars.  Our range of Nudge Bars and Bullbars to suit the all-new 2022 Subaru Forester are now available to order at your nearest TJM, ARB or Opposite Lock store.


ECB have over 20 years of products protecting the Forester

Second Gen SG Forester (2002 +) Nudge Bar - Series 2

07/05 to 02/08 Roo Bar

Third Gen SH Forester (03/08 to 01/13)  

Fourth Gen SJ Forester (02/13 to 12/15) – ECB’s first bumper over Bullbar for the Forester. 

Fourth Gen SJ Facelift (01/16 to 07/18)

Fifth Gen SK (07/18 to 07/21) – Including ECB’s first Bullbar to suit the Subaru Forester Hybrid. 

2022 Facelift (08/2021 to current)

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