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Animal Collision Hotspots Across Australia 2020

AAMI* has released their 2019/2020 data on Animal Collision Hotspots across Australia. Even though less people are traveling our roads due to Covid-19 restrictions they are anticipating a 15% increase in animal collisions from May to August of this year. The insurance company is issuing warnings of ‘hotspots’ across Australia where most animal strikes happen.

The insurer has released new data since the peak period of animal related car strikes approaches. As days get shorter increased commuters driving at dawn and dusk leads to greater risk of drivers hitting kangaroo, wombat, koala, and other nocturnal animals that are active during those times.

Drivers in Canberra should be extra vigilant as they take the top region for animal strikes across Australia for the 3rd year in a row with over 21,000 animal collisions between February 2019 & January 2020. Dubbo, N.S.W. was identified as the regional city with the second highest number of incidents in Australia followed by Heathcore, Vic., Roma, here in Queensland, and Kingston in Tasmania. The insurer did not supply data for the Northern Territory.

New South Wales topped the list as the state with the most animal related accidents comprising of almost a third of the entire country followed by Victoria, and Queensland.

Kangaroo remain the highest at risk for an animal collision comprising of 84% of the claims reported followed by 5% involving a wallaby, and 2 per-cent for each deer & wombat, and 1% bird strikes. The study was able to identify Friday as the most common day for an animal strike following the days of the weekend.

These are only a small percentage of animal strikes across the country as a majority of vehicles in remote areas are equipped to handle occasional animal strike and most likely never report. Fitting an ECB frontal protection product can eliminate damage, minimize the risk of injury to your family, and help you arrive at your destination safely. Please see ECB's Dealer Locator in these areas for where to get ECB Frontal Protection Products installed. 

Top animal collision hotspots per state (please see specific top 5 suburbs per state/territory below)
     Location #1                                        State hotspots
     National                                              Canberra
     New South Wales                              Dubbo
     Victoria                                                Heathcote
     Queensland                                        Roma
     Western Australia                              Baldivis
     South Australia                                  Port Augusta
     Tasmania                                            Kingston
     Australian Capital Territory              Canberra


What to do when encountering animals in populated areas

Animals are common on Australia’s roadways no matter where you are. Please take note of cautionary road signs and drive accordingly. 

  • Stay alert especially around dawn & dusk
  • Take extra care in regional areas. Use your peripheral vision for movement on the sides of the roads
  • Don’t expect a kangaroo on the side of the road to stay there. When frightened they react and can only move forward
  • If you encounter roadkill on the side of the road slow down as they move in mobs
  • Animals marked with a painted ‘X’ a ribbon tied around the body has already been check and pending removal
  • If an animal enters the roadway brake and stay straight! Swerving may cause an accident

If you strike an animal

  • If you hit an animal move safely off the road to a safe place and activate your hazard lights
  • Check the welfare of the animal only if it’s safe to do so. Animals are unpredictable and even more so when injured. If alive contact the local wildlife services
  • If the animal is a marsupial check and see if it was carrying a joey. If so contact the local wildlife services
  • It is important to move the animal from the roadway since carnivorous mammals are attracted by them. If you’re unable to please contact local road services
  • Please consider your safety first before checking the welfare of an animal in the roadway

Top 5 Animal Collision hotspots in each state 

New South Wales 
1. Dubbo 
2. Goulburn 
3. Mudgee 
4. Cooma 
5. Inverell

Victoria (OK according to Monty)
1. Heathcote  
2. Gisborne  
3. Wallan  
4. Sunbury 
5. Woodend

Western Australia
1. Baldivis 
2. Nannup 
3. Busselton
4. Karratha 
5. Margaret River

South Australia
1. Port Augusta 
2. Mount Gambier 
3. Coober Pedy 
4. Morgan 
5. Whyalla 

1. Kingston  
2. Launceston 
3. Cambridge 
4. Hobart 
5. George Town

Australian Capital Territory 
1. Canberra 
2. Kambah
3. Belconnen
4. Hume
5. Symonston

Northern Territory (no data available)

*Report has no indication of claims filed with other insurance companies and may be higher. 



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