Big Tube™ Bar

Product Features:

  • Full bumper replacement or a bumper over design
  • ADR & Air Bag compliant
  • Air Directional Cooling Vents
  • CB Aerial Bracket on selected models
  • ECB Bumper Lights
  • ECB LED Indicator/Park Lamps ICLED100
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Choice of superior finishes
  • Winch Bar Kit on selected models

ECB Big Tube™ Bars incorporate either a full bumper replacement or a bumper over design. The Big Tube™ Bar wraps around the front of the vehicle to form an incredibly secure and strong fit. All bars feature a 6mm thick hi-tensile alloy one piece channel section, with a fully welded construction consisting of 76 x 4.75mm centre tube and either 63 x 4.2mm or 47 x 3.25mm fully gusseted shoulder tubes and a fully braced lower protection skirt. LED Indicator/Park lights with optional fog lights come standard on most East Coast Bullbars. Big Tube™ Winch bars are also available on selected models.


One Piece Centre Channel

All Big Tube™ Bar channel sections are manufactured from one piece of 6mm thick, Hi Tensile precision plasma cut alloy. This means the ultimate strength for the most important part of the bar.

Being manufactured from one piece, ensures consistent strength from end to end and is much thicker at 6mm than other bullbars. ECB Big Tube™ Bars take full advantage of our strength in materials, as well as engineered in strength.


Specifically Engineered Mounts

Every vehicle is different, like the Bullbar, the steel mounting system is designed specifically to suit the chassis of the vehicle and the bullbar bolting to it.

Manufactured from thick plasma cut steel plate, each mount is designed to integrate with the vehicle to ensure optimum strength without compromising the vehicles standard safety equipment.

ECB exclusively use hi-tensile bolts to secure the steel mounts.

Peace of mind that genuine ECB products will perform when they are needed.


Fully Welded Gussets

Bullbars are most vulnerable right out at the wings. All ECB Big Tube Bars feature gusseted shoulder pipes.

This gusset really reinforces the shoulder pipe ensuring this tube stays where it should be in the event of a strike.

This gusset also serves to further reinforce the one-piece channel. Engineered in strength.


LED Lights

Quality LED indicator/park lights are standard on all ECB Big Tube™ Bars.

LED''s draw 90% less load from the vehicle than standard incandescent lights and last incredibly longer with no need to change bulbs.

ECB''s LED lights have a clear lense and a chrome circuit board for a brilliant appearance.  All trims are UV stable.



Strength in Materials

The ECB Big Tube™ Bar is manufactured with a 6mm Hi-Tensile Alloy Channel, and a 76mm x 4.75mm wall thickness T6 mandrel bent centre tube.

Our 63mm shoulder pipes feature 4.2mm wall thickness and the 47mm shoulders have 3.25mm wall thickness. No tinny tubes here.

All alloy materials are hi-tensile and have been developed over ECB''s 40 years to provide maximum strength with minimum weight and alloy will not rust.


Bumper Over Or

Bumper Replacement Design

All ECB Big Tube™ Bar incorporates either a Full Bumper Replacement or a Bumper Over Design.

The Bumper Over design fits directly over the existing bumper of the vehicle.

The Bumper Replacement does just as the name suggests which removes the existing bumper and places the Big Tube™ Bar in place of it.


Optional Winch Integration

On some models, ECB offers Winch Integration. ECB Big Tube™ Winch Bars feature a unique winch mounting system. The winch bolts to a steel winch cradle which is bolted directly to the chassis, and the bullbar then either bolts to the winch cradle or directly to the chassis also.

This ensures that the winch operates indepently from the bullbar and is as close to the chassis as possible minimising leverage and strain on the vehicle. All ECB winch cradles are put under extreme testing regimes to ensure optimum vehicle integration and strength to withstand the forces required in vehicle recovery.

Greg Rust Takes a look inside ECB to see how they make
their World''s Best Alloy Bullbars.


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